Packing Labels for Moving House

Why Are Packing Labels Important When Moving Home?

Whenever you open up a moving or a packing guide, you will always find the same advice: Label all your boxes. It’s a no brainer really. In fact, it’s crucial when the time comes to put all your boxes in the moving van. Your movers need to know what’s inside every box so they’d be able to properly stack your belongings in the moving van. It’s also better for you because you’d know which box to open first after you get to your new home. This advice won’t work if you’re using transparent plastic boxes, but we’ll talk about that some other time.

Another advice you often stumble across when moving house is to colour code your boxes. This is recommended as it makes it easier to put all the boxes in the proper rooms when unloading. Think about it. You don’t have to read the contents just to get an idea of which room this particular box belongs to. You just look at the colour and instantly know this box belongs in the dining room, for example. Labeled boxes make the process of unloading a lot faster too.

That’s why, as a premier company for man and van service in London, we have decided to create our own packing labels to make your move more organised. You don’t need to buy differently-coloured markers just so you could label each box with a specific colour. Nor do you need to buy differently-coloured duct tapes. What will you ever do with them after your move is over? All you have to do is download our packing labels and print them. It’s that easy and they’re completely free of charge.

Download Your Packing Labels Here

We have made labels for every room of your home and each label has its own colour. We used colours which are easy to recognise. Each page of the PDF document has 4 packing labels, so if you need extra labels for your bedroom, for example, you can just print out a particular page. You can print our packing labels on standard A4 pages. We can also provide you with packing materials, if you need any.

So, if you have a house move coming up, do not worry. Just remember to be organised. If that still doesn’t make you feel like you have control over the situation, take some time to read some of our tips for moving house.

Good luck and happy packing!

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