How To Decorate Your New Home After Moving

Image source: MyWallArt / Flickr

Every time you move home, you have to start redecorating all over again. While this is not a huge pain, it is something you have to get used doing over again to until you buy your own house. So, what are the tips for decorating your home?

1. Decide on a budget

When you’ve just moved home you’re not looking to spend money in vain. That’s why it’s important to decide whether you can afford to redecorate your entire home at once, or gradually over time. If you don’t have the means to redecorate every room, just pick the one you’ll be spending most of your time in and start from there. The other rooms can wait, plus they make great storage space in the meantime.

Before you start dreaming of what paint to buy, become familiar with the current price tags. You can check your local shops or just use the internet to see how prices range for this and that item. When this is done you can go to the next step. In your budget, you should include money for a new paint job, new wallpapers if necessary and a few essential pieces of furniture. When you’re decorating your first room, you needn’t overdo it. Making it feel like home and getting some decent beds and dressers should be your main priority. Getting nice paintings or other types of flashier decorations can wait until your wallet is full again. For more information and ideas on how to decorate your home on a budget, check this link.

2. Painting


Тhis is your time to experiment with different colours and nuances. Well, unless the walls already look good, then you can skip this tip. On second thought, there’s no better way to personalize a home than to paint it in colors of your liking.

Start by painting one wall first. If it looks good after the paint has dried up, continue with the same color. IMPORTANT: before starting any kind of paint activity, prepare the wall. Spot prime dark marks, fill nail holes and sand any rough spots. Some professionals also advise to clean the wall with a mild soapy solution and then rinse carefully. For more details check this video

When your walls are ready, start by rolling top to bottom, one side to the other. You need to add at least two coats before considering the wall done. The cool thing to remember is, you have no deadline and are free to experiment. You might want to check out some examples on what colours are best for certain rooms.

3. Buy Second Hand Furniture

If this is your first home and you’ve just moved house, you’ll probably need to save some money before you can buy quality furniture. So, in order for you not to use cardboard boxes as dressers, we advise finding some used furniture in the meantime.
Ask relatives and friends if they have a cupboard or desk they no longer need. Local thrift shops, IKEA and websites such as Craiglist and eBay are also pretty good options for finding used furniture. Should some of these heavy pieces of furniture be in another London area different than the one you’re currently in, you can safely call a man and van service company such as ours.

Remember this is just temporary. You might not like the furniture you get now, but you will be able to afford better in time. Besides, you can do some painting on the old pieces of furniture you can never do on new ones. Who knows, you might just create a masterpiece.

4. DIY decorations


Fortunately today we have all kinds of means and information sources to do some quality home decorating on our own. A quick search on Pinterest with words like: home decor or decorate your home and voilà. You have numerous results and plenty of colourful pictures to get inspired from. The good news is, these tutorials are posted by people just like you, so you don’t need to be a professional decorator to fix up your new home. Most of the ideas you will stumble upon are affordable to make too.

Some do-it-yourself decorations might do miracles for your kids as well. Often times moving home stresses children out and they need time to adjust to their new surroundings. Some decorating might just be what you and your kids are looking for. You will spend some quality time together and create something to remind you of the hardships you’ve overcome.

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